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Charity or organisation package:
Value proposition for a 12 months retainer: Six videos a year at £798 per video is £4,818. Pay £400 a month for a video filmed every other month during that year and you will receive a discount of three 1 min to 1 min 30 second videos using footage from the original 6 videos, giving you a saving of £2,384 a year.
Basic: FROM £798 per video.
Six month retainer would be three videos, filmed every other month, for payment of £400 a month with a discount of two 1 min to 1 min 30 second videos for social media marketing using original video footage giving a saving of £1,600.

Get Hooked! Lawns Angling Club charity match for Prospect Hospice
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Testimonial: “That’s incredible!!!!! Absolutely superb!!!!” – Dave Pinner secretary and treasurer of Lawns Angling Club

Therapy working in gardens Swindon.
Activities on offer at TWIGS
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Testimonial:”They will be a great addition to our armoury, as it were.  The testimonials one hits the spot well.  The activities one nicely summarises what you can expect, the open day captures the excitement of the occasion and the staff one comes across in a very friendly, supportive way. – Dick Millard Trustee at TWIGS

TWIGS: What the service users say
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TWIGS: Meet the team
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TWIGS: Open day
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TWIGS: Our stakeholders
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Swindon Borough Council: Become a foster parent
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Testimonial:”A big thank you to Flicky Harrison with Flick’s Video Productions for giving us a great deal on filming and editing this very special video on fostering in Swindon. We are very impressed.
Swindon Borough Council now has a very special video about Swindon Fostering called Be Somebody to Someone. We will be using this in many different ways, including recruiting more Foster Carers, educating the community about foster care and in our in-house training sessions.” – Cheryl Keller Family Placement Department Swindon Borough Council

“Very moving,” – Leader of Swindon Council David Renard”

Swindon Borough Council: Home and Away respite care
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Swindon Threshold: Helping the homeless
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Testimonial: ”Last night we premiered your video at the Cocktails and Canapés Evening at Menzies Hotel, Swindon and it was a great success. One gentleman even said that he was almost brought to tears as the story and message was so powerful. Thank you so very much it has been much appreciated. Great work and thank you.” – Cher Sawyer MBE, Chief Executive Officer for Threshold Housing Link